VW wants Alfa Romeo, but Fiat refuse to sell

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Fiat S.p.A. was refusing a new round of VW AG overtures to buy its troubled sporty Alfa Romeo models, organization sources explained to Car Information Europe.
VW is on get spree to aid its bid to topple Toyota Motor company. as the world’s No. 1 automaker. Asking not be named, three VW executives admited that VW, Europe’s the largest car maker, is “seriously interested” in purchasing Alfa.
Moreover a high-placed Fiat manager advised ANE on condition of anonymity late of last month: “We have no intention at whole of offering items to VW.”
Then Tuesday, right after new rumors emerged about VW’s interest in Alfa, a Fiat spokeswoman told that the organization was sticking to some turnaround preparing for Alfa announced by Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne in May. She really wants to transfering Alfa into a “full-line premium carmaker” sold 480,000 units in 2015, up from 235,000 final twelve
months, helped by seven new design launches.
In May, VW General manager Nartin Kinterkorn tell reporters which she admires Alfa, moreover claimed the VW group, which are inside the middle of taking around sport car makers.
Porsche, aren’t planning to adding one maker.
In the near years, VW have get former topping Alfa executives Walter de’ Silva as its layout main and Luca De Meo as advertising chief. It owns Italian supercar maker and took a 80 percent stake in earlier that 8 months, moreover Winterkorn said: “Our appetite for getting in Italy are fully satisfied.”Winterkorn’s statement were clear, but you would find a amount of other Alfa fans in VW’s Wolfsburg headquarters, such as VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech, at the same time as de’ Silva, who were Alfa’s design and style director previous to join VW in 1999 and De Meo, who was chief at Alfa previous to take part in VW last winter.
Analyst is doubt about whether Alfa can reach ambitious target of 400,000 annual sales under Fiat.Maybe Alfa can got to a half million unit sales per year, moreover only after the brands are sold to Volkswagen,” Arndt Ellinghorst, global head of VW Navi researching at Credit Suisse, explain to the Automotive News Spain, in June.
Massimo, the cheif of business exploration at bank in Milan, said: ”Alfa plans to sell 69,000 units in the United States in 2015, thus Fiat’s prepare
seriously means it only want to boost sales in Europe from 300,000 unit to a lot more than 500,000. They don’t see how they would be able to steal so much buyer. From their Germen competitors.”
Fiat doesn’t tell separate economic outcomes for theirs brand, but sources said, Alfa have lost between 300 million euros and 500 million euros a calendar year through the past 20 years.
VW will be interested in purchasing Alfa Romeo must it become obtainable to get, Automobile woche, an Auto Week sister publication reported Monday, citing an unidentified high-ranking VW manager.
Alfa Romeo can support VW’s growth strategy, the chief explained. “Alfa is often a globally recognized mode with sporty style.
VW is generally regarded by analyst to be the most successful multibrand car businesses in the world, selling everything from VW Golf hatchbacks through expensive sedans from Audi to 17-ton Scania tractor trailers.
Yet VW’s important issue remains Seat, a Spanish brand that has failed to expand significantly outside of its domestic fielf, where it’s also losing share.
At a solo point, Seat, which sells four times far more VW DVD than Alfa Romeo, tried to position itself as a competitor for the UK brand name.
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